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The most prominent of the plastic or fibreglass shells covering parts of the motorcycle is the “fairing”. In practice, this may blend almost seamlessly with engine panels or wheel covers/mudguards (which in some cases will be painted or plated metal). These systems act to protect the rider from some or all of the weather, may improve aerodynamics (reducing drag), and are an important styling element.

Modern fairings, mostly designed specifically for each motorcycle and fitted as original equipment by the manufacturer, have eliminated the aerodynamic and structural failings of early add-on fairings. Both sports and tourer versions improve (sometimes very considerably) the rider’s comfort in cold and wet weather and even “bikini” versions protect the vulnerable crotch region from water ingress.
A sidecar turns a motorcycle into a three-wheeled vehicle. Their peak popularity (160,000 in the UK in pre-World War II in the United States) came about when powerful motorcycles were available, but there were relatively few cars about. Sidecars such as the British Watsonian were coach-built in wood and had doors, sliding windows and even a sun-roof, but modern sidecars may be fibreglass or aluminium. Alignment of the sidecar is critical and the mountings come under considerable stress, making a quickly-detachable version largely impractical. In any case, the special sidecar tyres are poorly-suited to solo riding.

The cornering of “an outfit” is partly controlled by the throttle and this makes for interesting effects: A sidecar wheel brake — usually a pedal side-by-side with the motorcycle rear brake — helps considerably. Sidecars place a heavy strain on wheel bearings, wheel-spokes and suspension components; even frames and engines may suffer. A banking false-sidecar known as the “Sidewinder” became available in the UK in the 1980s, intended to overcome learner-driver licensing requirement restrictions of 125 cc introduced but its carrying capacity was restricted, being approximately equivalent to a tool box.


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